Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Don Imus and "Racial" Talk

I am no fan of Don Imus, a morning radio/television talk show host.
I have listened/watched his program all of five minutes over the last several years.
Last week he was commenting on a basketball game and referred to the Rutgers ladies team as a gang of "nappy-headed ho's", meaning they were formidable opponents.

Well, every liberal in the media including the Revs Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson jumped in to condemn Mr. Imus' comment.
So here is my take:

I do not agree with Mr. Imus' comment.
The Rutgers ladies basketball team is not a bunch of nappy-headed ho's, they are a bunch of tough female athletes.
Don Imus is a conceited jerk, like most celebrities, but he is free to say whatever he thinks.
If in the process of describing the team, he makes a comment that is insulting, offensive or incorrect, so what?
He is free to say such things.
But he is subject to reactions to his words, if such comments disturb his listeners.

What is interesting is that he used vernacular common among black people - not white people.
This is the language used by many black folks to describe their own people.
Why is this language "offensive" to the Revs Sharpton and Jackson, et al?
That is how THEY talk when they are not in front of the camera.
They, on the other hand, can say almost anything about white people and get away with it.
This is because of the liberal's white guilt.

The condemnation of Mr. Imus' comments by these black people is the highest form of hypocracy and racism.
They have no business calling his comments "racist".
They are as "racist" as many white people.
Or more so.

Mr. Imus should apologize to no one.
He should stand by his comments.
If he does feel that he should apologize, he should be more careful about what he says in the future.

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