Sunday, February 11, 2007

Killer Song

I was on my way to the annual Valentine's dinner at our church yesterday.
I was listening to a Christian radio station when a song came on.
It immediately got my attention because it did not sound like anything they had ever played.
The longer the song played, the louder I turned up the radio.
I liked the song so much that I wrote down (while driving - don't try this at home, oh, wait, you can't try this at home, you have to be driving, but don't because, well....never mind) what I guessed was the title.
As is often the case, the radio station did not tell who the singer was or what the name of the song was.
When I got home after the dinner, I started searching for the song on the internet.
It took some doing, but good ol' Amazon came through for me again.
Here is the link to the website of Michael Obrien, the singer/writer.

The song plays automatically.

I have ordered the CD.
Can't wait for it to arrive.
Happy Valentines day.

Still an old romantic.


Anonymous said...

Its too bad that he looks like a dressed up drunk in the pictures. At least he doesn't let his family look that way. If he would shave and comb his hair down, he would look like the conservative person he probably is.

Paw said...

I am really sorry if the picture of the singer offends you.
I just thought you might like the song.
Come to think of it, I look sort of like that when I get up in the morning.


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