Sunday, July 23, 2006

I attended the wedding of Jessica Wingate Saturday. It was held on the grounds of the Burrett Museum, which overlooks Huntsville. The weather cooperated and it was a lovely setting. I saw many old friends –maybe I should phrase that as – I saw many friends whom I have know for a long time. 

The amazing thing for me is to see the young adults whom I remember as mere children just eight short years ago. That doesn’t seem so long to me, but that is almost half of their lifetime. (!) Seeing Cassie, Sarah, and Clinton Knox was a surprise.

“...See the tree how big its grown,
but friend it hasn’t been that long,
it wasn’t big....”

If you remember that song you are *old*.  (I hate that song, but words fit here.)

So I am in a melancholy mood. I remember the olden days when we all hung out together. But as “they” say... time moves on. The fact is, whether “they” say it or not, time moves on. Or maybe we should say, we move on in time. Whatever. Even if I was still living in the same situation of eight years ago (the point when things changed for me), we all have changed. Some have moved, some have married, some have had babies (that changes things (and people)). Kids grow up and change.

Amanda and Carol - two of my favorite teeny boppers back then - are both married mothers now.

And the sad fact is, as I grow older, more and more of my thinking will be about things in my past rather than my future. As the old man said in the intro to the Simon n Garfunkle song “Bookends”, “I have to be an old man, I can’t be any younger.” I don’t like the prospect of getting old (as in, really old, like, elderly). I enjoy being able to get around and run and left weights and do stuff. But the days are coming, I fear, when getting from the bed to the rocking chair will be the extent of my doings. I hope not, but who knows?

It was/is good to see many of the saints still faithful to God. That was encouraging. It was good to see some of the young ones saved, too. Sadly, a few have given up. Fortunately, I have learned how to speak to these ones from my heart. There was a time (not so long ago, really) when I would just clam up not knowing what to say. Now, I can just say what is in my heart. Such as, I am sorry to hear that. I wish it was not so. What happened? I will pray for you. I love you. I want to see you make it (to heaven). Etc.

It was made clear during the ceremony how much Jessica loves Chris – her new husband. She broke down during her vows and began to cry. There are circumstances about their relationship up to this point that are not the ideal. I would have preferred a better arrangement, but I cannot orchestrate the lives of others. I pray that they both will seek the forgiveness and adoption of God soon.

My, I do ramble on....


JeniBeans said...

hey, don't steal my line! haw haw

she looked beautiful in the pictures. I hope she'll be happy.

Anonymous said...

Once time has past, one can't get it back. Once some decisions are made, they can't be reversed. Once some things are lost, they can't be recovered. However, those things done for Christ will last, or at least be remembered, by the Father in heaven.


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