Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Picture for my blog

Since I was able to visit my sister in Portland over the Christmas holiday, and we were able to go to the coast one day during my visit, and we were blessed with a beautiful (if cold) day at a famously picturesque spot, and the weather was excellent for picture-taking, and we were blessed with a beautiful sunset, and I was able to take over 150 pictures of the area in various shades of bright sunlight, and I was able to take several pleasing pictures of the sunset, I thought I would replace my previous heading picture of the Oregon coast with a new picture of the Oregon coast.

So I did.
Hope you like it.

This is also my new desktop image.
The location is Cannon Beach.
And, yes, I did tweak the colors a bit, but not as much as I did on the picture that was here previously.

1 comment:

J. No said...

Awesome picture Ded!


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