Friday, July 11, 2008


Tomorrow I will travel to Newark, Ohio to attend summer campmeeting.
I am very excited.

For this reason, this space will seem sparsely attended for the next week or so. (not unlike Josh's blog)
I will provide a full report - with piktures - upon my return.


I was parked in Lowe's parking lot this week, getting ready to get into my car when a man in a nice big Chevy pickup truck stopped and asked me if I wanted to sell my car.
I thought he was kidding.
I made a joking response and we had a short conversation.

He was not kidding.
He wanted to buy my car.
I told him I was not interested in selling it.
He drove off (not mad).
I was amused.

I pondered the results of lessons I learned in the late 1970's when the cost of energy increased rapidly.
I spent many hours and a few dollars learning about how to live in ways that consumed as little energy (and thus money) as possible.
In the 30+ years since then, the cost of energy has remained relatively stable and has lulled many people to sleep on this issue.
Not mee.
More than one time, I have received negative comments about my frugality.
And a few times I have wished that I had ten more horsepower.
But none of these things moved me.

I have never forgotten those lessons back then and endeavor to conform to the principles learned today (hence, the home insulation project).
I knew the day was coming when the cost of energy would become a concern again.
Thus, my gas sipping car. (my highway mileage with one person aboard [mee] at 70-75 mph -A/C off - has been measured at 39-40 MPG.)

I hope this does not read as gloaty.
I am just pleased that "wisdom is justified by her children".

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