Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Gutters for Rain and Not Leaves

My cuticles have stopped bleeding now.

I finally got around to installing a cover over the rain gutters on my house so the leaves will not clog them.
Though not especially difficult, it was a tad painful to slide the plastic mesh under the shingles on the edge of my roof.
This process caused many small cuts around my fingernails.
My fingers are still sore.
But they will mend.


The Monday workout was pleasantly successful.
I actually got it out of the way before I started on the gutters.

For the past month or so, my back has been is such a condition that it did NOT like the transition from lying flat to sitting up bent forward. (about 110 degrees total movement)
I could tolerate either extreme but not the process of going from one position to the other.
Somewhere in the middle, "things" in my lower back would ouch loudly.
So loudly as to be paralyzingly painful momentarily.

So, this morning when I set up my incline board to again try to do my incline sit-ups, I wondered how "things" were going to be back there.
To my surprise and delight I was able to do the move without any complaints from lower back.
In fact, I did twenty of them with surprising ease (as easy as incline sit-ups ever are).
I could have done more than twenty today, but I stopped there.
Why my tummy was so strong, I know not.

The pull-ups and push-ups (three sets of each) went on without any problems and in an hour or so, I was done.
Yes, I know I could have done the whole workout in about twenty minutes but I purposely spread out the exercises so that there is some aerobic effect as well.
My goal is to make the session last to about forty-five minutes to one hour.

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