Sunday, June 17, 2007

Busy Week

This past week has been quite busy.


I was having a problem with my car.
The check engine light came on last week and my mechanic was bothered by the reason (computer code).
It indicated a more serious problem or it could be a bad sensor.
Anyway, he ordered a new sensor and I took the car in this week to have it installed.
But another problem developed and it took him three days to get it fixed.
I won't go into all the details.
Needless to say, (but not needless enough not to say it) I hate being without my little car.
Timothy was picking me up and taking me to work.
One of the guys at work was taking me to the mechanic shop each afternoon to see how my car was doing.
The mechanic was taking me home each evening when my car was not fixed.


Thursday I had an appointment with the eye doctor for my annual checkup.
I had to borrow the car of one of the guys at work to get there kuz my kar was broken.
anyway, one of the benefits of going to the eye doctor is I get to see what my blood pressure is.
This year it was 115/65.
My resting heart rate was 50.
Those are good numbers.
I am pleased.
The $400+ for the new glasses was not a good number.
But my eyes have not changed very much.
That is good.


I had lunch with the guys from work.
This is a custom we have developed over the years - lunch out on Friday.
Interestingly, we went to a new restaurant called the Red Robin.
They make hamburgers, primarily.
The place was busy, crowded and noisy.
And seated at the table next to us was my former wife, and all of my children celebrating my daughter's 32nd birthday.
(why I was not invited, I do not know)
If this was deliberate, I hope they were embarrassed.
Anyway, it was good to see all of my chillins.


The Saturday run was productive.
After the rather difficult time I had last week, I was hoping to build on that effort and get a little stronger, and that proved to be the case.

As before, half way up the second hill my breathing became more rapid, but once I reached the top and started down the quarter-mile down-hill, it settled back to the more comfortable rate.
I was able to keep my breathing at this rate until the very end.
But I was feeling quite good toward the end and so the last several hundred feet I pushed my speed and let my breathing go where it wished.
It was a good run.
There was some minor whining from my left leg, particularly from my left hamstring about mid-way up my thigh.
It never became bad enough to bother the festivities.
The complaint was duly noted and ignored.


Saturday, Josh came over for a visit.
It was sort of his Fathers Day present.
We went to lunch at Cracker Barrel and chatted about many things.
It was a pleasant time.
I always enjoy visiting with my children.
Getting their perspective on life is usually interesting.

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